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If you want a hunt or field test dog, or a dog that can be your be your special friend and companion, please check out our excellent candidates.

Our puppies are bred to be free any known genetic defects, good looking, and intelligent. To the best of our knowledge, our breeding stock is free of common hereditary defects such as hip dysplasia, inherited elbow problems, and progressive retinal atrophy. We insist on responsible breeding. That is why we feel sure you will be pleased with your puppy. Feedback from our satisfied customers help confirm this. You may always come to us for questions or assistance in caring for your pup. We are located in Maryland - an easy trip for many people wishing to see our litters.

Twin Oak Retrievers puppies are born and raised in our home and are well socialized. Their dew claws are removed and pups are wormed and vaccinated. Since most puppies are sold before they are old enough to leave, we recommend making a deposit (see
deposit mailing information) to establish your turn in picking a puppy. Clients pick their puppies in the same order we received their deposits.


We guarantee your puppy against inherited hip/elbow dysplasia and inherited ocular disease for twenty six months from the date of whelp. Full refund of purchase price upon written proof of above disease from your vet and a letter from the OFA. In case of inherited ocular disease we need written proof from an Animal Optometrist. Also, we will need proof that your dog has been spayed or neutered.

Getting your new puppy

We can fly pups, clients can fly in and fly their pup in cabin or drive here to pick up.
Puppies that are picked up locally go to new homes at 8 weeks of age; the pups that fly in cabin can fly at 8 weeks according to airlines that permit.

Request additional information here.

"The bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of low cost is forgotten."


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All Chocolate Litter Expected August 10, 2020

gus photo
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Meet this handsome stud, Gus! He is 8 years old with certified eyes, Normal elbows, and Excellent hips. Gus is EIC and CMN clear.
Not only is he a good looking companion, he is has been very competitive in many field trial events. Gus has a fantastic temperament and that ON/OFF switch we all love to see in the lab breed. Owners of Gus are Jeff and Lyn Yelton at Rebel Ridge Farm.

2014 Accomplishments:
Won Qualifying at Blue Ridge Spring FT
2 Qualifying 4ths at DBRC Summer D/Q & Fall D/Q
Qualifying 3rd at Shrewsburg Spring FT
Derby 2nd at Tidewater Spring D/Q

2015 Accomplishments:
Amat 3rd - Tidewater - Fall
Amat Jam - West Central Minnesota

2016 Accomplishments:
Multiple JAMs

See Gus's files.

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Oakley is our three year chocolate lab. Weighing 55 pounds she is a beautifully built dog, and fast on her feet.
Oakley is one excellent companion, she never wants to leave my side and is eager to please any chance she gets. With one call of her name she is immediately healed by your side and ready for a command.
Oakley has a big heart and is excellent with kids. She comes from a excellent bloodline. She has excellent hips and normal elbows and is clear of EIC and CNM. Her puppies should make great companions and have the ability to perform at a high level in the field if desired.
See Oakley's complete files.

Deposit list currently full.


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Planned 2021 Winter Litter of Black and Yellow Pups

ace photo
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Ace is a two year old handsome tri-factored black male. His black coat is so beautiful it looks like velvet. Ace comes from a fantastic bloodline of hunting and field trial pedigree. His Sire and Dam have the highest certifications given out by AKC. His father is a Field Champion and his mother is a Master Hunter. What this means to a layman, is these dogs have brains and they have passed this on to Ace. He has a Senior Hunting title and is well on his way to a Master title. While Retrieving is his passion and He is extremely impressive to watch, he loves being around people. Ace is also well behaved as well as lovable.
Ace is EIC and CNM clear. He is OFA certified hips-good and elbows normal.
See Ace's files.

(click for large picture)
Ryelee is our 2 year old black lab. She is a smaller lab who is light and quick on her feet. She loves being around people and is so manageable even a child can handle her.

Ryelee has earned her Junior Hunter title and is currently working towards her Senior Hunter title. She is incredibly talented and smart. She comes from a phenomenal pedigree of nationally known dogs. So besides looking good, her pups should be extremely smart.
See Ryelee's complete files. Her pups should make great companions and also be able to compete at a high level in the field.

We currently have 7 deposits. Only two deposit spots open for black male pick.

Clients pick their puppies in the same order we received their deposits.

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Twin Oak Retrievers
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